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What is Cash register PLU ?

are the smallest unit of a product. The use of PLU is particularly convenient for large shopping centers, supermarkets, or stores with a large number of products.

You can enter all the product codes one by one into the cash register for sales. When the cash register is managed by PLU, the cash register can automatically calculate the gross profit of the product according to the input purchase price and sales information.

Extended information:

The purpose of product classification is different, and the applicable product codes are different. At present, the product codes mainly include:

1. Numeric code: A code that uses one or more Arabic numerals to represent classified objects (commodities). It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient use, easy promotion, and easy computer processing.

2. Letter code: a code that represents a classified object with one or more letters. It is characterized by convenient storage, larger than the number of digits of the same number of digits, and can provide people with easily identified information, but it is not conducive to computer identification and Processing, suitable for the case of fewer classification objects.

3, mixed code: a code composed of numbers and letters, it has both the advantages of numbers and letters, but also has a rigorous structure, intuitive and strong expression ability, suitable for use, due to the complexity of the combination, to the computer input band Inconvenient, low input efficiency and high error rate.

4. Barcode.
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