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How to use electronic barcode scale and cash register


The electronic bar code is said to be a small computer, which is connected to the supermarket's POS management system. Various information such as the price of each product is entered into the management system through the background microcomputer, and the corresponding code is set. Each product owner has its fixed code. When weighing, the salesperson can automatically enter the code from the system Find the corresponding unit price, and the price comes out.

If you do not re-enter the code after completing a weighing, the scale will default to the unit price of the previous product, so remember to enter the corresponding code for weighing different products. This is a little different from the so-called zeroing. This is the name used by large shopping malls, and the name of ordinary small shops can directly enter the unit price without losing the code.

In the background, the shopping mall management system has a classification: price management. Different systems may use different names, but there is a sub-item. Here you can enter the purchase price and set the selling price. After the setting is completed, the background computer transmits the price information to the designated electronic scale (each scale has a number in the background management system). This completes the price setting.
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