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German Christmas atmosphere is strong, what gifts are consumers buying?

Santa: "What gifts do children want this year?" As the weather gets colder and the days are shorter and longer, the most important holiday of the year in Germany, the Christmas season, comes step by step. The month before the holiday is the prime time of the year for wealth and wealth in the retail industry. At Christmas reunion, items that are given to relatives and friends are purchased at this time. The rising economic situation in Germany has given the retail industry great hopes for Christmas sales.

The well-known Ernst & Young audit firm conducted a representative survey of pre-Christmas German shopping intentions. The survey results show that Christmas presents stacked on Christmas gift tables will be richer than 2018. The Germans will spend an average of 248 euros on gifts, a 22% increase from last year's 203 euros. Most of the money spent on this will go to shopping vouchers, clothing and books.

Ernst & Young's survey report pointed out that the actual expenditure for purchasing Christmas gifts is expected to be higher than the plan of 248 Euros. For example, in 2018, those surveyed stated that they planned to spend € 203 on Christmas gifts, while the actual average investment was € 258. This year, books topped the gift catalog, with 63% of consumers planning to give books to relatives and friends. Followed by clothing, video or digital video, each with 52%.

Almost half (48%) of those questioned said they were planning to give away cash or shopping vouchers. Digital video players, audio equipment, and flat-screen televisions are rarely considered as gifts. Only 32% want to put entertainment appliances in gift bags.

The results of the survey indicate that the cash registers of clothing and book dealers will be cheerful before Christmas, which may set a new record for sales. On average, each German will spend € 32 on clothing and € 26 on books. But most people are willing to give cash or vouchers for an average amount of 34 euros. However, unlike in China, cash or shopping vouchers are not packaged into "red envelopes". They are usually sandwiched in Christmas cards. Of course, some special congratulatory words must be written and put together in an envelope.

According to Ernst & Young's survey report, German consumers have gradually become more interested in shopping. The effects of sustained economic development, rising wages and falling unemployment have now been shown. But despite this positive development, consumers `mentality in finding cheap opportunities to shop has not weakened. Only 23% of the respondents said that in principle, they do not care whether the price of the product is discounted. Many people think that of course you need to find discounted items.

25% of people plan to shop after Christmas and before New Year. Most of them are looking forward to the big price cuts in stores after Christmas. Ernst & Young predicts that the German retail industry will meet these consumer expectations and start a new wave of discounts before the traditional winter end of big sales.

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